3 Compelling reasons for your Business to Go Mobile

80:20 distribution of Workforce

In a typical business, 80% of the Workforce are Desk-less workers. The mobile is the only way to extend your Enterprise IT solutions to them

80:20 distribution of Internet Traffic

80% of internet traffic is expected to be through mobile. This will be your primary source of disseminating and acquiring digital content

Messaging vs Email

Typical messages get 15 times faster response than an email. To stay agile, businesses are beginning to embrace messaging technology

The LimeKast Advantages

  • Quick and Easy : Starts working within 24 hours of your signUp

  • Affordable : Will not cost you a bomb

  • Scalable : Meets your growing needs

  • Secure : Ensures your data is completely safe, and not vulnerable to leakage or loss

  • Controllable : Allows you to have full control on your data

  • Reliable : Is available 365x24x7

  • Integratable : Integrates seamlessly with all your back end systems.

  • Customizable : Behaves like it was custom-made for you, and can even look like it was made for you and by you.

  • Unique and Compelling App Features


    Easily Connect with your target audience


    Manage hosted People Directories as also Product Catalogues

    Cabinet / Storage

    Access documents, collaterals and product literature on the fly from the app


    Support for One-to-one and Group Chats


    Configure, Manage and Deploy Mobile Forms for easy data acquisition

    Open APIs

    Integrate easily with your existing Enterprise IT Solutions